The Law of Success – 1925 Edition

The Law of Success – 1925 Edition

By now, I’m sure many of you have heard about the The Law of Success 1925 Edition by Napoleon Hill. For those that are unfamiliar with this edition, this is the one that was never released to the public. The mass market Law of Success, the one readily available in stores, was published in 1928. This is NOT the one from Orne Publishing (the one from the infomercial). This is a new and improved edition. For the record, I used to sell the Law of Success from Orne Publishing. Despite that, I’m gonna offer no bias statements. I’m simply gonna tell it like it is.

The Law of Success Booklets

Here’s the story behind The Law of Success. In 1908, Napoleon Hill was given an assignment by a magazine for which he was then working, to compile profile the most successful men of that period. His first interview was Andrew Carnegie, the richest man in the world at that time. During the interview, Mr. Carnegie was so impressed by Hill that he extended the amount of time which he’d originally granted Hill to conduct the interview and even allowed Hill to sleep at his home. After the second interview, Carnegie offered Hill the task of devoting 20 years to interviewing, living with and studying the richest people in the world, and compiling all of their “secrets” into a success philosophy. Carnegie went on to explain that Hill would have to pay his own way for that 20 years with no financial assistance from him. Carnegie’s reasoning was that: If Hill is going to write a book on success, then he should be able to prove through real world experience those he’s applied those principles successfully himself. Which, in my opinion, was a very wise point of view by Mr. Carnegie.

After accepting Mr. Carnegie’s assignment, Hill then spent the next 20+ years interviewing business magnates such as John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Marshall Field, Harvey Firestone, J.P. Morgan, W.M. Wrigley, Jr., John Wanamaker, and so on. In other words, Napoleon Hill interviewed the Billionaires of the early 1900′s. After gathering the knowledge from these powerful, successful men, Hill then created The Law of Success philosophy. In 1925, Mr. Hill created 118 manuscripts (which came in 15 booklets, pictured left), and issued them to some of the people whom he interviewed for review. Here’s where the story gets tricky. It’s a well known fact that this version of The Law of Success never hit the market. There are two stories floating as to why this never came to be.

Story #1: This story has been made popular by Kevin Trudeau. The story goes: the super wealthy men whom Napoleon Hill studied and interviewed, who were all supposedly members of a secret society called “The Brotherhood,” read the manuscripts and concluded that they didn’t want this book released to the general public. The reason being that they didn’t want their secrets revealed to the masses. So, the group got together (led by Henry Ford), stopped the original edition from reaching the market, had it edited and re-released in 1928. This story doesn’t make sense, in my opinion, but I’m including it because a lot of people have heard this version of events. I say that because — if the interviewees didn’t want their secrets revealed to the masses, why reveal their secrets to Hill in the first place? Secondly, why would Henry Ford spearhead a censorship of Hill’s work when he contributed to the creation of it’s content more than anyone? According to Trudeau, the only reason those men freely shared their secrets with Hill is because they were under the impression that Hill was an apprentice of Andrew Carnegie and had no idea that Hill was compiling the information they were giving him for the purpose of writing a book.

Story #2: Napoleon Hill edited The Law of Success to remove religious references and to keep a promise to Andre Carnegie. If you were to read the 1925 Edition, you’d see that he explains how the Law of Success philosophy (including Universal Laws) are related to biblical teachings. He even goes on to mention Jesus’ name a few times. Mr. Carnegie had originally asked Hill not to include any form of religion, due to the fact that it might offend some people. Carnegie understand that some people would be so focused on the religious references that they’d miss the entire point. So it’s been said that Mr. Hill went back and removed most religious references before publishing the mass market edition in 1928. Hill also held out til 1928 in order to keep his promise to Mr. Carnegie — that of devoting 20 years (1908-1928) to the building of The Law of Success philosophy.

To put it in plain and simple language my overall opinion on The Law of Success is this: If you want to achieve success in any undertaking, this is the most important book you’ll ever read in your life.

The difference between this (the 1925 Edition) and the 1928 Edition is only slight. There’s no night and day difference between the two editions, to be honest. In my opinion, the 1928 Edition is a great book, but one may easily get frustrated with the run-on content. It may seem as if Hill is rambling but Hill said many times that his goal was to explain The Law of Success philosophy in a way that virtually anyone could understand it. The 1925 Edition, however, is more concise and to the point. For someone who has a basic understanding of Hill’s principles and don’t need the lengthy explanations, the 1925 Edition is the better book. Here are other changes that were made: Lesson five in the 1925 Edition is a lesson on ACTION, but that lesson wasn’t included in the 1928 Edition. The Mastermind introduction, which was in the 1928 Edition isn’t in the 1925 edition.  Instead, the concept of the Mastermind alliance was is discussed in every chapter to illustrate how that concept tied into every lesson. And also, the lesson titled “The Habit of Saving” from the 1928 edition was not included in the 1925 edition, which in my opinion, is a very important lesson. Those are really about the only differences.

After reading this book and understanding it, you’ll understand why people are rich and why people are poor. You’ll be able to analyze those that are wealthy and tie their methods to The Law of Success principles. It really amazes me how differently I view the world after understanding this philosophy. If you’re looking for a blueprint or a road map (not a shortcut) to success, this is it. The knowledge contained in this book isn’t something Napoleon Hill just conjured up and put into a book. These are the words of the richest people who ever lived. These people gave Mr. Hill intimate details and access to how they created their fortunes. Napoleon Hill was quoted as saying, about the principles he was taught by the people he interviewed, “When these techniques were applied, the money came so fast and in such large quantities that it frightened me.”

Here’s another interesting note. There’s a section in this book which explains techniques that the government around the world use to control the minds of their citizens. Even today, those same techniques are still being used. So, as you can see, this book isn’t just about making money, it’s about opening your eyes to the truth.

One last thing. If you’ve ordered the 1925 Law of Success by Orne Publishing, then you’ll definitely love this one even more. The one by Orne Publishing was edited (which I didn’t know at the time). It omitted the names of some people that Napoleon Hill referred to and omitted other key elements. This book is also made of a higher quality material than the Orne book. So, not only are you getting Napoleon Hill’s words in their original form, you’re getting a book made with high quality material. Included with your order also will be an essay written by Napoleon Hill in 1915 which was also never released to the public. I’ll throw that in as a bonus.

If you live outside of the U.S., please contact me before ordering. This is not an affiliate program, so you’ll be buying directly from me. If you want a new and improved copy of The Law of Success 1925 Edition, click below to order your copy.

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20 thoughts on “The Law of Success – 1925 Edition

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    • I agree that The Master Key System is the greatest success book of all time. Though I love The Science of Getting Rich because of its simplicity and straight to the point, MKS feels like it comes from a wisdom beyond human inteligence if that makes sense. Its written in a way that feels very familiar to knowledge known from birth. I love the forward Rhonda Burns writes (in the copy she has to give) about how it was rumored that Bill Gates read that book prior to creating Microsoft. :) I read the book expecting some grandios idea to come to me as well that will impact the world. lol. Seriously. lol

      • Well, Charles F. Haanel (author of MKS) was a member of several secret societies along with the League of Science and Institute of Metaphysics, so that might explain why it sounds that way.

  3. How can I get the real 1925 Law of Success new and improve edition copy by Napoleon Hill along with the 1915 essay that was never published?Please send me information and an order form. I didn’t know until I read the story in the artcle about Kevin Trudeau fucking fake claims about Henry Ford. And the Orne Publishing was hiding the names of the people that help Hill with the Law of Success omttiingly.

  4. Dear Sean Alexandre,

    I have two qusetion will you send me an order form of your 1925 Law of Success version, and the 1915 essay written by Hill that you mention in story above, please? I’ll gladly pay for the shipping and handling.

  5. Dear Sean T Carter
    I’m leaving in France
    How can I get from you a copy of the 1925 original edition
    Thank you for your answer

  6. Hello, I live in Canada and you say to contact you first if living outside of the U.S.
    I would love to order a copy of this book and essay please let me know what I need to do

  7. I want to know if what Steve Paris said in the 2009 informaical being interview by Nat Trueblood (a name that can bullshit be related to Dracula) is true, that in 1927, three years after the original 1925 Law of Success manuscript was breifly pullback by people who help Hill in his research. If that is true, then the 1927 book would be the third fucking book and not the second one.

  8. I like this the way that SC has made it so easy. I want to know why did Steve Paris lied about there was another Law of Success book in 1927, three years after the original one was give out to some of the most important people. Kevin Trudeau is a fucking faker. I wish I had known about this over 20 years ago.

  9. I want to express my opinion about the Law of Success. This is one fucking good book. The best book. The information is right on target. I have a couple of questions. One, was there another Law of Success version in 1927, three years after the original? Why did fucking fakers like Kevin Trueau, Loral Langmeier, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor, Rhona Byrne, Esther Hicks and others who have change, copy, paraphased and waterdown the Hill’s work, and didn’t give him the credit he desreves. Becasuse , if it wasn’t for Hill’s Law Of Success through Andrew Carnegie none of them would be worth listening to.

    • To be honest, your guess would be as good as mine. But in all truth, I believe that those people use Napoleon Hill’s work and water it down all for the money. To answer your other question…I’m not sure whether or not there was a Law of Success in 1927. Only ones I know about are those from 1925 and 1928. There could have been.

  10. Hi I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada I’d like to order the original unedited law of success book written by napoleon hill, can you get back to me about doing so.

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  12. Steve Paris’s 2009 informcial about the Law of Success is fucking joke. Steve was hiding some things out like Who was his motherfucking mentor, the name of the bookstore, the bookstore owner’s name, his “friend’s” name and how mother much he paid the man for the original 1925 book. He’s like the fuck rest. He’s selling the book with telling the whole story. All of these so-called self-helpers and money makers own a damn debt to Napoleon Hill.

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  14. Hello. My name is Michael Bennett. I recently purchased the special Edition of “Law of Success” you discussed on your website. Is there a way you can respond to me when you have mailed the book? I have not gotten a confirmation from you for the order and the email address was incorrect on the paypal account. I appreciate the work you have done and I am looking forward to reading this book to better shape my Biz Owner mentality. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    Michael Bennett

  15. Hello.
    I recently purchased a copy of the Law of Success and its showing through my paypal account that it is still unclaimed. Could you respond back as to the shipping status of the book. I tried the email that was provided through paypal and it kicked back as an invalid email address. Need to know whether or not to cancel my order.

    Thanks you,


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